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what does it mean when rabbits twitch their noses?
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Why Do Rabbits Wiggle Their Noses?

Rabbits are well-known for having long ears, fluffy tails, and twitchy noses. All rabbits wiggle their noses, regardless of breed or species. A rabbit’s nose will wiggle when eating, playing, investigating, and relaxing. We’ll find out how nose-twitching helps rabbits smell better, and how important their sense of smell is. […]

can different breeds of rabbit live together?
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Can You Keep Two Rabbits Together?

Rabbits are intelligent, social animals that make good pets. Due to their need for company, a rabbit that lives on its own can experience loneliness and health problems. A lonely rabbit might become withdrawn or depressed. Behavioral problems, such as aggression and biting, are also possible. There’s never a guarantee […]

when will baby bunnies get fur?
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When Do Baby Rabbits Get Fur?

Rabbits are known for being fluffy. However, they don’t start out that way. Newborn rabbits are born blind, helpless, and unable to move much. They’re also born naked, with no fur at all. We’ll explain what newborn rabbits look like, and whether they’re ever born with fur. You’ll find out […]

can rabbits change color?
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Why Does Rabbit Fur Change Color?

Owners often notice color changes to a rabbit’s fur. Rabbits appear to change color entirely, sometimes several times a year. This can be disconcerting, as it may look like your pet has undergone a complete change or there may be a yet-to-be-detected health problem. We will look closely at molting […]

rabbits biting each other
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Why Do Rabbits Attack Each Other?

When we picture a rabbit, we imagine a friendly and docile animal contentedly hopping around. For the most part, this is an entirely accurate portrayal. If one bunny annoys or irritates another, however, a fight between two rabbits is a common occurrence. We also have to remember that rabbits are […]