how to remove mats from rabbit fur
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How to Get Mats Out of Rabbit Fur

A well-groomed rabbit is healthy and happy. Grooming involves brushing it, trimming it, removing mats, and getting rid of debris. Taking care of a rabbit’s fur requires close observation and checking for parasites so that you can seek immediate treatment if/when needed. Brush the mat out first. For tougher mats, […]

what to do if a rabbit has fleas
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How to Treat Rabbit Fleas

If your rabbit has got fleas, she’ll be hot and itchy. She may have even damaged her skin from scratching too much. That said, you should treat the fleas to give your pet some much-needed relief. You will need a flea-comb and a rabbit-safe flea treatment such as Imidacloprid (Advantage), […]