head tilt in rabbits
Health and Wellness

Will My Rabbit Die from Head Tilt?

If your rabbit’s head is tilted, you’ll need to act fast. As well as being painful, head tilt (torticollis) can be very limiting. Simple tasks like eating, drinking, and grooming can become impossible. Aftercare is a crucial part of the recovery process. If you give your rabbit good home care, […]

how to help a rabbit with constipation
Health and Wellness

How to Treat Rabbit Constipation

Rabbits poop a lot due to their fiber-rich diet. But we don’t tend to take much notice until a rabbit stops pooping altogether. If she’s not pooping at all, then you have a constipated rabbit. Rabbit constipation mustn’t be permitted to last for longer than 24 hours. It suggests that […]

what to feed baby rabbits without a mother
Questions and Answers

Can Baby Rabbits Drink Cow Milk?

Baby rabbits rely upon milk to survive, even though they feed less frequently than other small animals. If a rabbit’s mother is unavailable to feed her young, a nutritious replacement will be required. Rabbits move onto solid food relatively quickly, but will not survive without milk. In an emergency, you […]

How to Get a Rabbit to Eat Pellets
Diet and Hydration

How to Get a Rabbit to Eat Pellets

Pellets are a popular food for rabbits. Alongside fresh hay and leafy greens, pellets are one a rabbit’s most favorite foods. So, it’s concerning if your rabbit stops eating her pellets all of a sudden. Pellets are not critical to a rabbit’s diet as they’re not eaten in the wild. […]

how do you disinfect a rabbit cage?
Care Guides

How to Keep a Rabbit Cage from Smelling Bad

Rabbits have a reputation for being quite smelly, but this is unfounded. In fact, rabbits only smell bad if they are kept in unhygienic conditions. But don’t just focus on the cage itself. Some rabbits smell because they’re sick, or because they’re eating the wrong foods. For example, a high-sugar-low-fiber […]