Bunny-Proofing Your House: The Definitive Guide

Bunny proofing house

Living with a house rabbit requires bunny-proofing your home. Doing so helps prevent damage to your property, safeguards your rabbit from danger, and provides plenty of safe and enjoyable chewing options for your rabbit too. … Read more

How to Discipline a Rabbit

how to discipline a rabbit

It is important to remember that rabbits are sensitive animals that can easily feel vulnerable. While it is important to be firm, remember that rabbits can quickly become traumatized by shouting and angry behavior. If … Read more

Holding and Carrying a Rabbit Safely

Holding a rabbit

Take gentle strides to help your pet get used to being held, such as sitting beside them and picking them up briefly every now and then. Sitting down will also mean that your own position … Read more

How To Keep A Wild Baby Rabbit Alive

how to help a baby rabbit survive

Wild newborn bunnies are kept in small, shallow nests in grassy areas near woodland, bushes, or out in the open. While an open space might seem like a dangerous place for a rabbit to set … Read more

How To Make A Newborn Baby Rabbit Poop

how can I make my baby rabbit poop

Caring for newborn bunny rabbits is no easy task. While mother rabbits take care of their kits, there are instances when human intervention is required. If your bunnies are orphaned or the mother rabbit is … Read more

Where Do Rabbits Like To Be Petted The Most?

is it good to pet a rabbit?

Rabbits are affectionate creatures, but they’re not well-known for enjoying cuddles. While dogs and cats enjoy petting sessions, you may be unsure where to stroke a rabbit. The good news is, bunnies love being pet, … Read more

How To Care for An Older Rabbit

caring for senior rabbits

Rabbits will inevitably experience the limitations of old age. As your rabbit becomes elderly, it may experience health issues, changes in its energy levels, and differing appetites. An old rabbit is just 7 years of … Read more

Do Rabbits Have Different Personalities?

do pet rabbits have personality?

Rabbits exhibit a wide range of personality traits. Certain breeds are known for having specific characters. Depending on what traits a breed is known for, rabbits of that kind may only be suitable for certain … Read more

Should I Get My Rabbit Microchipped?

can you microchip rabbits?

It’s natural to be afraid of losing your bunny. After all, rabbits are fast-moving, can tunnel effectively, and are small animals. If yours decides to skirt out of your yard, it can seem impossible to … Read more

Is It Safe to Bathe a Rabbit?

is it ok to bathe a rabbit?

You may have seen videos of rabbits that are calm and serene while bathing in a sink full of water. Is it good for rabbits to take a bath? Responsible pet owners know that water … Read more

How To Take Care of Baby Bunnies

how to take care of a bunny

Raising a litter of baby rabbits is a unique and rewarding experience. However, it’s important to learn how to take care of baby rabbits. Though the mother will do most of the work, there are … Read more

How To Deal with False Pregnancy in Rabbits

is it a rabbit false pregnancy or real?

It’s no secret that rabbits breed quickly and often. This is why spaying a female pet rabbit is always advisable, but it doesn’t resolve every issue. Females can be prone to false pregnancies, even after … Read more

How To Get Mats Out of Rabbit Fur

how to remove mats from rabbit fur

A well-groomed rabbit is healthy and happy. Grooming involves brushing it, trimming it, removing mats, and getting rid of debris. Taking care of a rabbit’s fur requires close observation and checking for parasites so that … Read more

10 Best Small Pets for Cuddling and Hugging

good small pets for cuddling

Small animals like rabbits, hamsters, and chinchillas are becoming increasingly popular to keep as pets. Kids adore these little furry animals, but parents don’t need much persuading either. The truth is, no matter what age … Read more

How to Keep Your Rabbit’s Teeth Short

How to Keep Your Rabbit’s Teeth Short

A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing throughout their life. This means they must be trimmed and filed down regularly. Failing to do so will lead to the teeth becoming overgrown. This will be painful for … Read more

7 Signs of Dominant Behavior in Rabbits

Signs of Dominant Behavior in Rabbits

Hierarchy is important to rabbits. Rabbits may look cute and fluffy, but these small animals are not to be crossed. You’ll see this for yourself if you have two or more rabbits. Your pets will … Read more

How to Protect Rabbits from Snakes

How to Protect Rabbits from Snakes

The physical safety of your rabbits is vitally important due to the risk posed by predators. So, providing secure housing is an excellent way to protect rabbits from snakes. Build a sturdy wooden hutch as … Read more

7 Positive Signs of Rabbit Bonding

pre bonding rabbits

Rabbits are social animals that loathe living alone. Despite this, unfamiliar rabbits that are forced to share territory will fight. This is why bonding two rabbits is critically important. If you successfully manage to bond … Read more

17 Easy-to-Introduce Rabbit Enrichment Ideas

rabbit enrichment ideas

Rabbits may be small pets, but they’re not low-maintenance. She’ll need safety, food, and shelter. Also, you’ll need to enrich your pet’s life with mental and physical stimulation. Ensure that your rabbit has a large … Read more

11 Things That Rabbits Shouldn’t Chew

How to Stop Rabbits from Chewing

One of the disadvantages of pet rabbits is that they are notorious chewers. You may be surprised at the variety of household items that rabbits like to sink their teeth in to. But some materials … Read more