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how do you disinfect a rabbit cage?
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How to Keep a Rabbit Cage from Smelling Bad

Rabbits have a reputation for being quite smelly, but this is unfounded. In fact, rabbits only smell bad if they are kept in unhygienic conditions. But don’t just focus on the cage itself. Some rabbits smell because they’re sick, or because they’re eating the wrong foods. For example, a high-sugar-low-fiber […]

rabbit bonding good signs
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7 Positive Signs of Rabbit Bonding

Rabbits are social animals that loathe living alone. Despite this, unfamiliar rabbits that are forced to share territory will fight. This is why bonding two rabbits is critically important. If you successfully manage to bond rabbits, you will create a harmonious living arrangement for both pets. Bonding rabbits is not […]

rabbit enrichment ideas
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17 Easy-to-Introduce Rabbit Enrichment Ideas

Rabbits may be small pets, but they’re not low-maintenance. She’ll need safety, food, and shelter. Also, you’ll need to enrich your pet’s life with mental and physical stimulation. Keeping a rabbit entertained is not always easy as these animals can become bored. This will lead to destructive, and even aggressive, […]

how to prepare a rabbit hutch
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7 Essential Things That Rabbits Need in a Cage

A well-equipped and safe hutch is pivotal to your rabbit’s happiness. Aside from safety factors, your rabbit also needs access to various features that will enhance her quality of life. If your rabbit’s hutch is located outside, there will be additional concerns. You’ll need to consider the temperature and your […]

how do you dispose of a dead pet rabbit
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How Do You Dispose of a Dead Pet Rabbit?

The hardest part of pet ownership is when your beloved rabbit dies. At an already difficult time, you need to consider the practicalities of dead pet disposal.  When a rabbit passes away, you must remove their remains empathetically but legally. Animal body disposal laws vary from state to state. Many […]

best bedding for rabbits
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What Kind of Bedding Do Rabbits Need?

A hutch and food alone aren’t enough for a baby or adult rabbit. You’ll also need to ensure your rabbit feels warm, safe, and comfortable. So, providing the appropriate substrate goes a long way to achieving this goal. The best bedding for rabbits can help to keep your pet healthy […]

litter training a rabbit in a hutch
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How to Litter Train a Rabbit in a Hutch

Litter training a rabbit in a hutch is recommended to all pet owners. Rabbits are territorial animals, and they’ll urinate all over your home. If you’ve experienced the strong stench of rabbit urine, you’ll want to train a rabbit to use a litter tray so that it doesn’t happen again. […]