Can Rabbits Eat Lemons?

If you have ever considered feeding some lemon to your rabbit, you might be wondering whether this is safe. Lemon is an extremely acidic fruit, so it makes sense that you might feel doubtful about feeding it to your bunny.

Some people do feed lemons to their rabbits, and in small doses, this may be okay, but you should be cautious if you want to do this. Citrus fruits should be fed sparingly because they are quite acidic and quite sugary, and neither of these things is good in large quantities.

How Should You Introduce Lemon To Your Rabbit?

If you want to give your rabbit some lemon, you need to introduce it slowly to check that it doesn’t cause a stomach upset for the bunny. Although lemon is fairly safe on the whole, some rabbits react badly to foods that are safe, so you should always check before incorporating large portions of the food in the rabbit’s regular diet.

You should cut a small wedge of lemon and then scrape the flesh off the rind and offer it to your rabbit. If the rabbit eats it, wait to see how it responds, and keep an eye on its droppings and appetite for the following two days.

If the rabbit suffers from diarrhea or constipation, or if it seems lethargic or disinterested in its food, you should avoid feeding it lemon in the future, as this may not agree with its system.

If it has a really bad reaction, make sure you take it to a vet to get it checked over. Although a small quantity of lemon shouldn’t really hurt it, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t feed the rabbit any new foods during this period, because if it has a bad reaction, you won’t know which food caused it. You should always introduce new foods one at a time.

Rabbit with lemons

Do Rabbits Like Lemon?

Most rabbits won’t like lemon, no. It is very sour, and rabbits tend to prefer sweet foods. However, some rabbits do seem to enjoy the taste of lemon, and if your rabbit likes it, it’s okay to offer this as an occasional treat.

If your rabbit doesn’t like lemon, don’t be surprised or concerned. Simply give your rabbit other foods and don’t worry; citrus fruits certainly aren’t vital to your rabbit’s health.

Is Lemon Good For Your Rabbit?

Lemon isn’t great for rabbits, and some people will recommend not feeding it to them at all for this reason. It does contain vitamins such as vitamin B6, and minerals such as magnesium, but the most important of these is vitamin C, and rabbits can produce vitamin C naturally. They therefore get minimal benefit from eating lemons.

The only real reason to feed your rabbit lemon is if it particularly enjoys it, because all of the nutritional benefits can be got from other, healthier foods. Try offering your rabbit slices of cucumber or red pepper instead.

Is Lemon Dangerous?

Although lemon isn’t toxic to rabbits, it isn’t great for them either. It contains high quantities of citric acid, and this could cause quite a few digestive issues if your rabbit gets too much of it. For example, it can result in diarrhea and stomach pain.

Eating a lot of citrus fruit may result in the rabbit ingesting too much water, which can be uncomfortable for it. Furthermore, it could prevent the rabbit from eating as much hay as it needs, and this would result in the rabbit suffering from digestive complications.

If rabbits don’t consume enough fiber, their digestive systems stop working properly, because the fiber is used to push food through the system. In serious cases, this can lead to food fermenting in the guts, which is sometimes known as GI stasis.

This could be fatal, so it’s important to limit the quantities of lemon that you give to your rabbit, and to make sure it is eating enough hay. If you think your rabbit has had too much lemon, don’t give it any more citrus fruit, and make sure it has as much hay as it wants. This should help its system to deal with the fruit.

Lemon also contains some sugar, which can contribute to obesity issues. 100 g of lemon will contain around 2.5 g of sugar. If your rabbit is already on the heavy side, be very cautious about feeding it any citrus fruits.

Can Rabbits Eat Lemon Peel?

Many people recommend not feeding the rinds of lemons to rabbits, as they are hard to digest and could cause internal blockages. Although some people do feed their pet rabbits lemon rind without encountering any issues, it is better not to take this risk.

Instead, give your rabbit just the flesh, and remove any pips too. Pips could pose a choking hazard, and ought to be removed from any slices that you offer to the rabbit. If you think your rabbit has eaten either the peel or the pips, keep a close eye on it and be prepared to call a vet if any issues arise.

How Much Lemon Can A Rabbit Have?

It’s a good idea to limit lemon servings, especially if you also feed your rabbit other citrus fruits. It’s best to only offer up to two teaspoons per five pounds of your rabbit’s body weight. Do this once or twice per week, and reduce the serving size if your rabbit shows any sign of stomach upset or diarrhea.

Remember, your rabbit doesn’t need citrus fruit in order to be healthy, so it’s better to err on the side of small portions, rather than letting it have a lot.


It is okay to give your rabbit small amounts of lemon occasionally if it is particularly keen on this treat, but you should not do so very frequently. Too much lemon will cause stomach upsets and diarrhea, and could be uncomfortable for your bunny. While lemon isn’t toxic, it is highly acidic and also full of sugar, so you mustn’t feed your bunny too much of it.

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