Can Rabbits Eat Pineapple?

One thing that all rabbit owners should understand is that they tend to have sensitive stomachs, and you really need to pay attention to their diet. We’re going to dig a little deeper into what a rabbit can and cannot eat, but for now, you need to know: can rabbits eat pineapples?

Adult rabbits can eat pineapples, however, it is only recommended in moderation as pineapples are high in natural sugars and could lead to painful and trapped gas or bloating. It is best to feed your rabbit pineapple as a sweet surprise as it is full of nutrients, but also tastes like a special treat!

To learn a little more about how fruits and specifically pineapple can affect your rabbit’s digestion, as well as what you should ensure is in their daily feed for a happy and healthy rabbit, keep reading! We have all the information you need. 

How Often ; How Much Can Rabbits Eat Pineapple? 

Research has shown that there is a timeline that you should follow when feeding your rabbit pineapple, as well as how much is actually good for them as opposed to detrimental. 

Here’s what we recommend: 

  • Baby rabbits should never be fed pineapple as their stomachs are too sensitive.
  • Only feed your adult rabbit 1 teaspoon of pineapple, especially when you are introducing it to their diet. 
  • You should only use pineapple as a special treat once or twice a week. 
  • You can increase the pineapple amount to up to 1 tablespoon if you are sure it isn’t causing gas or diarrhea. 

It’s important to note that these instructions are for a healthy rabbit. If you want to know how you can tell if the pineapple is negatively affecting the rabbit, keep reading! 

How Can You Tell if Pineapple is Bothering Your Rabbit’s Stomach?

If you think about where a rabbit is common in nature, the habitat typically contains long grasses, not tropical fruits. It’s essential to understand that pineapple, while it can be a healthy treat, should not make up a large part of a rabbit’s diet. 

If you do decide to offer your rabbit a little pineapple now and then, you should monitor their secretions for 24 hours after they ingest the fruit. If you notice any diarrhea, their stomach probably cannot handle the exotic fruit. 

You can also tell if your rabbit is experiencing gas because you will hear a faint gurgling from its stomach after eating. As your rabbit’s caretaker, it is your responsibility to notice if pineapple is causing them any discomfort. Rabbits aren’t quite as conscious as humans and even if it is bothering their gut, rabbits will continue to eat pineapple if it is offered to them because it tastes so sweet and delicious!

What Can I Give My Rabbit if They Struggle to Digest Pineapple?

If you are a good and thoughtful rabbit owner and you have noticed that even half a teaspoon of pineapple seems to upset their belly, you do not have to give up on sweet fun treats for them! There are a variety of other fruits and vegetables you can try but we recommend following the same protocol and starting with extremely small amounts and then watching their gas and secretions to ensure it isn’t causing any discomfort. 

Here are some popular produce options that you can safely feed your rabbit: 

Once again, these should be used as a special treat, and not as the bulk of your rabbit’s diet. As you most likely know, their nutrition will mostly come from pellets, grass, and hay. 

It’s also essential to know the fruits and vegetables that can be extremely harmful to your rabbit! These include but are not limited to: stone fruits like plums, peaches, and avocados, as well as potatoes, beans, and mushrooms.

What Food Should You Feed a Rabbit With an Upset Stomach?

You may notice that your rabbit has trapped gas or diarrhea from time to time, even if you are extremely careful with their diet. If your rabbit seems uncomfortable or their poops are not normal, there are a few things you can feed them to help combat the problem, but pineapple is not one of them. 

As we have learned, the sugar in pineapple can aggravate a rabbit’s tummy, so it is not recommended as a remedy for digestion issues. However, you can feed your rabbit leafy greens, carrot tops, dandelion greens, and herbs like parsley, cilantro, or basil to help. 

Final Thoughts

Rabbits, like most humans, love a little sugar! If you put a plate of fruit in front of them, they will most likely eat it all, but shortly after they will probably experience extreme physical discomfort. 

You are the conscious adult in this relationship, and it is important that you are educated and aware of what fruits and vegetables your rabbit can and should eat, and in what frequency and amounts they are healthy. 

Let’s reiterate what we have learned here today: adult rabbits can eat pineapple, but baby rabbits cannot! It should be served in extremely small amounts to start (½ to 1 teaspoon) and gradually increased to a maximum of 1 tablespoon if you don’t notice any diarrhea or gurgling gas noises from your rabbit’s belly. Even if your rabbit seems to have no issues with pineapple, it should only be given as a special treat once or twice per week and never on the same day as other sugary snacks. 

You are now an expert when it comes to feeding your rabbit pineapple! And hopefully, you also understand a little more about what fruits and vegetables are good for them, as well as how often to reward them with fresh produce and how to use it as medicine for their upset stomachs!

Lou Carter

I’ve loved rabbits for as long as I can remember, so it felt natural to share my passion for lagomorphs with a much wider audience. My objective is to help owners to keep their pet rabbits happy and healthy.

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