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rabbit tick removal
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How to Treat Ticks in Rabbits

Ticks are blood-sucking arachnids that attach themselves to all domestic pets in order to feed. Rabbits are no exception to this. Your bunny may not notice that a tick is feeding on them. This means that rabbit tick removal becomes your responsibility. Ticks carry diseases that can be fatal to […]

diaphragm muscle spasm
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Can Rabbits Get Hiccups?

After your rabbit eats, you may have noticed certain noises. Their heads bob up and down, and they make a distinct sound. It’s enough to make you think that your rabbit has a bout of the hiccups. A short bout of hiccups is nothing to worry about. The symptoms will […]

mold poisoning in rabbits
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Can Mold Kill Rabbits?

Of all the dangers that rabbits face every day, mold is among the most insidious. Predators can be escaped, and accidents can be avoided. Mold, unfortunately, is a constant, menacing presence under certain circumstances. It’s also no less lethal than the bite of a hungry wild animal. Exposure to mold […]

what temperature is too cold for rabbits?
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How Do Rabbits Stay Warm in Winter?

Rabbits often live outdoors, and they’re content this way. It can feel cruel to leave rabbits outside during the winter months, though. It’s only natural to worry about your bunny staying safe during the winter season. When the temperature drops and the wind is icy, they are surely freezing. Moving […]