Can Rabbits Eat Basil?

If your rabbit seems to be taking an interest in the herbs you are growing, you might be wondering whether it is safe to give any of them to your rabbit. Basil has a strong scent and a strong flavor, so it isn’t immediately obvious whether it is safe or not.

Basil is okay for rabbits if it is fed to them in limited quantities. It is safe enough for them, but like all vegetables, fruits, and herbs, it must not be given to the rabbit too often or in excessive quantities.

Is Basil Good For Rabbits?

Basil can be good for rabbits as long as it is fed in moderation. It is great for providing certain nutrients.

One of the most important benefits is that basil contains Vitamin A in large amounts. A quarter of a cup of chopped basil has around 300 IU of vitamin A, a milligram of vitamin C, and nine mcg of vitamin K.

It also contains potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. This makes it a great option for feeding to your rabbit, because it provides a balance of vitamins and minerals. In terms of its other contents, it is low in sugar, which is great for bunnies.

Rabbit munching on basil

Is Basil Bad For Rabbits?

Like anything, if basil is fed to a rabbit in large quantities, it can be dangerous. Firstly, it should not be given to rabbits that have kidney problems or urinary tract issues.

Because basil is high in calcium, it can cause problems for rabbits if it is given in large quantities. Eating too much basil may also discourage rabbits from eating the right quantities of the other foods they need, such as hay.

Hay is a very important part of a rabbit’s diet, because it provides them with the fiber that is needed to keep their guts moving. Rabbits that do not eat enough fiber are at risk of something known as GI stasis.

This can occur if the rabbit is not eating enough fiber, because food will start to collect up in the intestines, not getting processed. It may compact or ferment, which is very uncomfortable for the rabbit, and can be extremely dangerous.

It is crucial to therefore only feed your rabbit small amounts of any fresh vegetable, no matter how healthy that vegetable may be. Rotating veggies is also a good idea; this ensures your rabbit gets a good balance of nutrients, and does not get overwhelmed by any one food.

How Much Basil Can I Feed To My Rabbit?

The amount of basil that a rabbit can have will depend a bit on the other things that it eats. Overall, the treats you give to your rabbit in a day should not exceed ten percent of its daily food intake. Treats count as any food that is not either hay or pellets – so basil is a treat.

You should not give your rabbit a whole ten percent of its daily intake as basil, either. Instead, you need to provide a mixture of fresh greens, vegetables, and sometimes fruits. Chopping some basil into this mixture a couple of times a week is a good idea.

Don’t feed your rabbit basil every day, or it may start to suffer from issues connected with overdosing on certain nutrients. Remember, balance is crucial for all animals, so don’t give your rabbit too much of anything – even the healthiest foods.

My Rabbit Ate Too Much Basil – What Should I Do?

If you think that your rabbit has eaten too much basil, the best thing to do is to contact your vet, especially if your rabbit is showing any signs of discomfort. If your rabbit is not eating or pooping normally, you should contact a vet immediately, as it may have a blockage in its intestines.

If your rabbit has eaten a little bit of extra basil but seems comfortable, give it plenty of hay and keep an eye on it. When it eats the hay, this will help to push the basil through its digestive system, rebalancing everything.

Continue to monitor your rabbit and limit its intake of greens until its system has normalized again. Diarrhea or constipation are signs that you should contact your vet.

Can A Rabbit Be Allergic To Basil?

Most rabbits love basil and it is perfectly safe for them, but some rabbits will find that it does not agree with them. If your rabbit seems to get an upset stomach or a bad reaction, make sure you stop feeding it basil.

Every rabbit has a unique digestive system and what is safe for one rabbit may not be safe for another. Be cautious about introducing basil to your rabbit.

How Should I Serve Basil To My Rabbit?

Purchase organic basil if you can, or consider growing your own basil plant. Basil will grow readily on any sunny windowsill, and needs minimal care. This is a great way to bring fresh, clean greenery to your rabbit’s diet without risking the introduction of pesticides.

You should thoroughly wash basil before feeding it to your rabbit. Some people prefer to chop it, while others serve it whole. Your bunny is unlikely to mind which, and will happily munch it however you serve it.

Can Rabbits Eat Basil Stems?

Yes, the stalks of the basil plant are safe to feed to your rabbit too. Simply cut the stems and feed them to your rabbit with the leaves intact.

Make sure that you grow your rabbit’s basil out of reach of the rabbit so it cannot just help itself whenever it wants some. Eating a whole basil plant could make your rabbit very sick, and may result in a trip to the vet!


This aromatic herb is great for your rabbit in small quantities, and provides valuable nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin K. However, in large quantities, it could contribute to intestinal problems and digestive issues, especially GI stasis. It does not contain much fiber, and your rabbit needs to eat mostly hay, rather than fresh vegetables and herbs.

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