Can Rabbits Eat Carrots?

Making sure that the food you give to your rabbit is safe for it to eat is crucial, and it’s common to question what you can and can’t feed to your bunny, especially when you are a new rabbit owner. The great news is that yes, rabbits can eat carrots, but only in moderation.

Providing a mixture of fruits and vegetables is an important part of keeping your rabbit healthy, but it is crucial to only do so in moderation. Your rabbit should get most of its meals from either grass or high quality hay, and you should never give your rabbit large amounts of carrot in one go.

How Much Carrot Can My Rabbit Have?

The amount of carrot that you can feed to your rabbit will depend a bit on what other food it is given. If your rabbit only has a few other fresh vegetables, it is safe to give it slightly more carrot, but if it is given lots of veggies to eat, the quantities of each kind must be kept low.

Overall, rabbits should have about ten percent of their diets as leafy greens and fresh vegetables. Around eighty or ninety percent of what they eat should be grass/hay, and about five percent can come from pellets, which are very high in fiber.

Therefore, if you are giving your rabbit a mixture of vegetables, you should only give it a small quantity of carrot at one time. Overall, the amount of fresh vegetables given in a day should not be any larger than the size of your rabbit’s head, so you may wish to offer a quarter of a carrot, or half a carrot, alongside other vegetables.

Feeding a carrot to a rabbit

Why Shouldn’t They Eat A Lot Of Carrots?

You might be wondering why rabbits can’t eat a lot of carrots. They are always portrayed in movies as munching away at carrots, and this seems the classic food that you should give to your rabbit.

However, it isn’t. Carrots do contain nutrients that are valuable to your rabbit, but they are also high in sugar. Eating a lot of carrots will make your rabbit fat, and many people just feed their rabbits on thin strips of carrots, or even just carrot peelings. You can also give your rabbit carrot tops, and it will enjoy these just as much as the main vegetable.

If you feed your rabbit lots of other vegetables, you should limit the amount of carrot that it gets on a regular basis. However, it is best to give it a little of multiple different kinds of vegetables.

This might feel more fiddly than just giving it a few chunks of a couple of different vegetables, but it is the best way to keep your rabbit healthy. A good mix will ensure it is getting varied nutrients, and enjoying the benefits from many different vitamins and minerals.

A good mix of vegetables might include:

Remember, the more types of vegetables you add, the less of each you should feed to your rabbit. Overall, the quantity can stay the same, but the individual vegetable quantities must be reduced.

Can I Give My Rabbit Just Carrots?

No, you cannot give your rabbit just carrots, or just carrots and grass. Rabbits benefit most from green vegetables, and although they might really enjoy carrots on occasion, it is very important for them to mostly have greens.

Don’t overfeed your rabbit on carrots, because you will make it sick. Carrots should be fed as a treat, or as a small percentage of your rabbit’s fresh vegetables. You might find that little squares of carrot are useful training aids, but you should not give your rabbit a lot.

How Can I Introduce Carrots To My Rabbit?

It is very important to introduce new foods to your rabbit with care, no matter how safe these foods usually are. Rabbits have delicate digestive systems, and they also cannot vomit, so your rabbit will not be able to get rid of anything that its system doesn’t agree with.

The first time you give your rabbit carrot, you should give it just one small piece. Do not give it any more, even if it seems very eager. Instead, wait a few days and keep an eye on your rabbit’s droppings and eating habits. If the rabbit seems well after two days, and its droppings are normal, you can start adding small pieces of carrot to its food dish.

Never give your rabbit a large quantity of a new food in one go; it could make it very sick.

How Do I Prepare Carrots For My Rabbit?

If possible, you should feed your rabbit on organic fruits and vegetables. If not, you may wish to peel your carrots to minimize the pesticides that your rabbit is being exposed to.

Give the carrot a good scrub to remove dirt and residue from the skin, and then decide whether you are going to give your rabbit peelings or chunks.

You can use a vegetable peeler to take thin strips off the carrot, or you can cut one end off and cut the piece into quarters if it is still large.

What Is Dangerous About Carrots?

If you feed your rabbit too many carrots, it could suffer from a variety of issues. These include things like tooth decay, obesity, and digestive issues. Carrots are very high in carbohydrates, so if nothing else, they will cause your rabbit to pack on the pounds.

Limit carrots and other sugary root vegetables in order to keep your rabbit in good shape and feeling healthy.


Rabbits can eat carrots in limited quantities, alongside other vegetables and greenery. Your rabbit should not be given too many carrots; it must get most of its nutrition from eating grass or hay, or it will get sick. Feed your rabbit small chunks of carrots as treats, but do not give your rabbit a large amount of carrot, no matter how much it loves it.

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