Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli?

Rabbits thrive when they can eat a variety of vegetables. Usually, a pet rabbit can eat the same vegetables as a human, such as kale, parsley, and green leaf lettuce. This can save you some trouble when going grocery shopping.

However, certain vegetables that are perfectly safe for humans to consume are harmful to rabbits. Before introducing a new food to your bunny’s diet, you should check with your veterinarian or a local rescue for a list of safe foods.

You may be wondering if broccoli is on the list of foods that rabbits can eat. Most rabbits can eat broccoli. However, they should only eat it in moderation as too much broccoli can hurt your rabbit.

Feeding broccoli to a rabbit

How Much Broccoli Can a Rabbit Eat?

If you decide to feed broccoli to your rabbit, you should only feed a small amount of broccoli to your rabbit per day. The recommended rule of thumb is one tablespoon of chopped up broccoli for every two pounds of your rabbit’s bodyweight. Larger rabbits can process broccoli better than smaller ones.

This rule only applies for fully grown rabbits. Baby and juvenile rabbits should not eat broccoli at all (most veterinarians recommend avoiding vegetables altogether for younger rabbits as they should get most of their nutrients from hay). Most rabbits are considered adults once they are about six months old.

Rabbits can eat most parts of a broccoli plant safely. However, the best parts of the broccoli plant are the leaves and some of the thinner stems. The broccoli florets and thicker stems can be harder to digest for your rabbit. As with any vegetable, be sure to wash the broccoli thoroughly and chop it up into small pieces so that your rabbit doesn’t choke.

Is Broccoli Good or Bad for a Rabbit’s Health?

Broccoli is a healthy vegetable because it contains high amounts of fiber as well as vitamin C, E, and K. Fiber in particular is beneficial for rabbits. Broccoli is also a tough vegetable, which helps rabbits wear down their teeth (rabbits have teeth that grow continuously, so they need tough objects to chew on to prevent their teeth from developing spurs).

However, broccoli, like other cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, also produces gas when eaten in excess.

For humans, an episode of gas will cause some discomfort at worst. For rabbits, gas can be a serious health issue. Rabbits have no way of passing gas so the build-up often gets trapped in their intestines, causing pain and even serious health complications.

In younger rabbits or bunnies with a history of digestive issues, a serious episode of gas could even be fatal. That is why most veterinarians recommend caution when introducing new food to your rabbit, particularly gas-inducing vegetables such as broccoli.

Besides causing gas, broccoli can also be harmful to rabbits because it has a relatively high sugar content compared to other vegetables such as leafy greens. When rabbits eat too much sugar, they could become overweight or develop digestive issues.

How Can You Tell If a Rabbit Is Having a Bad Reaction to Broccoli?

After you try feeding broccoli to your rabbit for the first time, you should be on the lookout for any signs of discomfort, particularly symptoms of gas.

Rabbits are prey animals, which means that instinctively they try to hide when they are in pain. You need to be a detective to figure out if your rabbit is sick. One of the tell-tale signs of stomach pain is the way that your rabbit is moving. If your pet is suddenly hiding from you, acting less energetic than usual, or lying in an unusual position, that could be a sign that it is experiencing stomach pain.

Other signs of gas include gurgling noises coming from your rabbit’s stomach or your bunny attempting to press its belly against the floor to ease the pain. You should also be on the lookout for other signs of digestive troubles, such as diarrhea or refusing food.

Luckily, gas is usually treatable in rabbits. Your veterinarian can recommend over-the-counter medication such as baby gas drops or pain relief medicine to keep on hand. There are also massages you can try to help release the gas bubble. If you notice that your rabbit is still experiencing discomfort several hours later or that its condition worsens, go to a veterinarian immediately.

How Can You Safely Introduce Broccoli to Your Rabbit’s Diet?

When introducing any new food to a rabbit’s diet, including broccoli, there is a certain procedure you should follow to ensure that your rabbit stays healthy.

Always introduce a small amount of a new food to a rabbit at a time. This gives its digestive system time to adjust to the new food. If your rabbit has a bad reaction, then it will not be as severe as it would be if it had too much of the new food. Monitor your rabbit for about 24 hours after eating a new food to check for any digestive issues.

When introducing broccoli to your rabbit, start with the leaves and thinner stems because those are easier on the rabbit’s digestive system. You can give your rabbit a small piece of broccoli as a treat, or mix it in with its regular bowl of salad.

Remember that all rabbits react to food differently. One rabbit could love broccoli, while another could have a bad episode of gas after even a little piece, and a third could be fine with eating it but dislike the taste. If you have a rabbit with a history of gas problems, avoid broccoli altogether in favor of vegetables that are better for rabbits, such as leafy greens.


A little bit of broccoli can help add variety to your rabbit’s daily serving of salad. However, rabbits should only eat broccoli in moderation. Too much broccoli could cause serious digestive problems, including episodes of gas that could be fatal. To play it safe, introduce broccoli to your rabbit’s diet slowly, monitor for any signs of distress, and feed, at most, one tablespoon per two pounds of their bodyweight.

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