Can Rabbits Eat Mango?

Feeding your rabbit treats is always fun, especially when you find things that your bunny truly loves. If your rabbit is a fan of soft, juicy fruits, you might be wondering whether you can safely give it mango.

Mango is a safe and healthy treat for a rabbit, although it does need to be fed in moderation. Like any fruit, it is quite sugary, and too much can make your rabbit unwell. Rotate it with other fruits and vegetables to ensure your rabbit gets a balanced diet and does not become overweight.

Is Mango Healthy For My Rabbit?

Mango is a pretty healthy treat for a rabbit if it is fed in moderation, yes. It has plenty of vitamin C in it, which is good for your rabbit’s immune system. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, and vitamin B6.

As you can see, mangoes are packed with different vitamins, which play various useful roles in the body. Furthermore, this fruit contains potassium, copper, and folate, which are also important elements of a balanced diet for a rabbit.

If you are looking for a great way to boost the amount of vitamins your rabbit consumes, mango is a great option.

Can I Feed My Rabbit Too Much Mango?

Yes, it is easy to overfeed your rabbit on mango. It is always tempting to give your bunny “just a little bit more” when it is enjoying something, but you need to be careful.

Although fruits and vegetables are healthy for rabbits when they are fed in moderation, they must be balanced with other foods. The majority of a rabbit’s diet – around 85 percent – needs to be grass or hay. About five percent should be pellets, and the remaining ten percent can be gotten from mixed greens.

That means not feeding your rabbit a lot of mango. As a rule of thumb, your rabbit’s bowl of treats should not be larger than its head – and it should not be mostly fruit.

Most fruits, including mangoes, are high in sugar, and this may cause your rabbit to put on weight, which can lead to joint problems and discomfort. Furthermore, eating an unbalanced diet with too many fruits can cause digestion issues.

If your rabbit eats a lot of mango, you may notice that it gets diarrhea and goes off its food. While this issue may rectify itself within a few days, this should be avoided if possible. In some situations, digestive issues could become serious.

Rabbits have quite delicate digestive systems, and they need to eat lots of hay. If you offer your rabbit a lot of mango, it will not do this – and it will become sick. A blockage could result in your rabbit needing an operation, so do be careful about over-feeding it on any treats.

Do Rabbits Like Mango?

Most rabbits love mango, yes. However, every rabbit is unique, and it is possible that you’ll find your rabbit rejects mango in favor of other fruits and vegetables.

On the whole, however, mango is a very popular choice. This is especially true in summer, when the weather is hot and mango makes for a nice, refreshing snack.

If your rabbit does not seem to like mango, don’t worry about it. Simply offer it other treats until you find one that it loves. You may want to reserve this treat for training, or just feed it to your bunny in place of mango.

Can Rabbits Eat Mango Skins?

Surprisingly, rabbits can eat and often enjoy the skins of mangoes. These may seem unappealing to you, but rabbits love them. They are full of goodness, including vitamins and minerals, and they also contain more fiber than the flesh does.

Rabbits need fiber in order to digest their food effectively, so feeding your rabbit mango skin is a good way to help its digestive system operate effectively. If you peel your mangoes to eat them, consider giving your rabbit the peelings.

You don’t need to peel chunks of the fruit before adding them to the rabbit’s bowl. If the rabbit does not want to eat the skin, it will simply consume the flesh of the fruit and leave the rest.

You should make sure that you thoroughly wash mangoes before giving them to your rabbit, especially if you plan to leave the skin intact. Some warm, soapy water and then a good rinse will leave them ready for consumption.

Can Rabbits Eat Mango Seeds?

You should remove the seed from the center of the mango before giving this fruit to your rabbit. Although rabbits do have strong teeth and like to gnaw on things, mango seeds are not generally considered safe for them to eat.

If your rabbit consumes a lot of the tough material from the outside of the seed, it could get sick. It is best to just provide the fruit.

Do I Need To Cut The Mango Up?

Yes, it is usually best to cut up a mango before giving it to your rabbit. This will help you to better judge the portions that you are offering to it. If you just cut a chunk of mango off the fruit, you might accidentally give your rabbit too much.

Cutting it up will also ensure that your rabbit can easily eat the mango pieces. Many rabbits dislike being washed, and because this fruit is sticky and acidic, it is best to make it easy for your bunny. This should help your rabbit to eat it neatly and avoid it getting covered in juice.

If your rabbit does get sticky, use a warm, damp cloth to wipe around its face and neck, removing the juice residue before dirt can stick to its fur.


Rabbits benefit from eating a variety of foods, and this includes mango. If you have some of this fruit to hand, consider giving your bunny a few small chunks in its food dish. However, remember that it is both sugary and acidic, and must therefore only be fed in small quantities.

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