Can Rabbits Eat Raspberries?

It is safe to feed your rabbit raspberries in moderation, yes. If you choose to do this, you should rinse the raspberries first to remove any surface contamination. Note that raspberries are not a normal part of a rabbit’s diet, so they should only be given as occasional treats, and not every day.

Rabbits love to be given varied foods to munch on, so including a couple of raspberries in your rabbit’s bowl once in a while is a good idea. It can be a great way to keep them hydrated in summer, but don’t offer more than a couple at once, and don’t make a habit out of offering them.

What’s Good About Raspberries?

Raspberries can be good for your rabbit, as they do contain a reasonable amount of fiber (which rabbits need in high quantities). They also contain antioxidants and vitamins, although you should note that rabbits produce vitamin C for themselves, so they may not particularly benefit from this.

Raspberries are a good way to offer your rabbit plenty of liquid, helping it to stay hydrated, which is great in the summer – when raspberries tend to be fruiting.

Rabbits eating raspberries

What’s Not Good About Raspberries?

Raspberries can be problematic because they have quite a lot of sugar in them. Rabbits don’t benefit from high sugar diets, and can suffer from various complications as a result of eating them. Obesity is common among rabbits that are fed a lot of fruit, so you do need to be careful about this, especially if your rabbit is already overweight.

Sugar can also upset a rabbit’s digestive system, which tends to be quite delicate. You may notice that your rabbit’s droppings become runny or hard, and that it seems to suffer from stomach cramps more frequently.

If your rabbit isn’t also eating a lot of fiber, it might develop an unpleasant condition known as GI stasis.

This is when the rabbit’s digestive tract stops processing food properly because the rabbit lacks the necessary fiber. It is a very dangerous condition, so if you notice that your rabbit has stopped eating or pooping, you should take it directly to a vet to get medical advice.

Finally, raspberries are quite acidic, which can be uncomfortable for your rabbit’s tummy if it eats them in large quantities.

How Often Can You Feed Your Rabbit Raspberries?

To a degree, you need to moderate how many raspberries you offer depending on what other foods you give to your rabbit. If your rabbit has a lot of other fruit, reduce the quantities of raspberries accordingly.

Your rabbit shouldn’t get more than ten percent of its diet in treats per day, and you should not offer fruit too often. A good rule of thumb is to allow one or two tablespoons once or twice per week. You can mix any fruit into this allowance, but if you give your rabbit more of one kind of fruit, ensure that you reduce the other kinds.

You should rinse the raspberries before you give them to the rabbit, but there’s no need to chop them. Your rabbit should be able to easily handle the soft fruit.

Can You Give A Rabbit Raspberry Leaves And Stems?

Yes, if you have raspberry plants in your garden, it is fine to pick the stems and leaves for your rabbit. Again, you should wash them before giving them to the rabbit, and only offer them in moderation.

Do not feed your rabbit raspberry leaves that have been sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. Only pick leaves from safe sources, as a hit of chemicals could seriously harm a rabbit.

Raspberry stems are also suitable food for a rabbit, again provided that they are free from pesticides. Many rabbits will enjoy munching on the canes, so this is a great enrichment activity for them. The tough canes may also help to keep a rabbit’s teeth short.

Can You Give A Rabbit Dried Raspberries?

Some people do not recommend feeding dried raspberries to your rabbit. Although this might seem like a convenient snack, dried fruits have considerably higher concentrations of sugar than the fresh versions. This is because most of the moisture has been removed, leaving mostly sugar behind.

On the whole, dried fruits are not good for rabbits, and should not be given to them. This also means avoiding any ready-made mixes that may contain dried fruits. If you do choose to feed your rabbit dried raspberries, make sure that you provide plenty of fresh water, and only offer very small quantities.

Can You Give A Rabbit Frozen Raspberries?

You shouldn’t give your rabbit frozen raspberries if they have any other products added to them. Additional sugar or preservatives could be dangerous for your rabbit. Raspberries that have been frozen with no additives should be okay.

Your rabbit is unlikely to eat the raspberries while they are still frozen, but you can offer them to it if you want to. Often, the rabbit will wait for them to defrost before consuming them. They can be a nice way to offer a cold treat in the summer.

What Should I Do If My Rabbit Doesn’t Eat Raspberries?

If your rabbit does not want to eat raspberries, there’s no reason to be concerned. Offer it one to test whether it likes it, preferably with no other new foods or fruits. If your rabbit does not eat the raspberry, it’s fine to offer it another chance in the future, but don’t be worried if your rabbit doesn’t like the fruit.

If your rabbit does eat the raspberry, wait a few days to check whether it digests it without complications. If your rabbit has a bad reaction, don’t feed it raspberries in the future, but if it’s fine, you can start giving it raspberries a couple of times a week as treats.


Raspberries are perfectly safe for rabbits as long as they are fed in moderation. A large amount could cause tummy problems and weight issues, but in small quantities, raspberries are a healthy, enjoyable snack. Always give them a quick rinse before feeding them to your rabbit, and don’t offer them too frequently.

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