Can Rabbits Eat Romaine Lettuce?

Rabbits are stereotyped as keen lettuce eaters, and it is what they are often shown to be munching in children’s picture books and other places. If you are feeding your bunny, you may already be aware that lettuce should be given with caution.

Because it is a dark and fibrous lettuce, Romaine lettuce is a reasonably good food for your rabbit when fed in moderation. Never give your rabbit lettuce in large quantities, because you may upset its digestive system. Dark leaved lettuces are healthy, but still need to be given in small amounts.

Is Romaine Lettuce Healthy?

Romaine lettuce is a reasonably healthy lettuce, yes. It contains a lot of goodness, including magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and some vitamins. Fed in small quantities, these will benefit your rabbit and keep it healthy.

Romaine lettuce contains vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate, but it does not have a lot of fiber in it, despite being one of the tougher lettuce leaves. However, its water content is reasonably low – which is good for rabbits.

You may already be aware that your rabbit should have a bowl full of mixed vegetables approximately the size of its head every day. These “treat” foods should be varied regularly, but Romaine lettuce is a good option for your rabbit to try.

Because Romaine lettuce is low in water and high in fiber, it is safe for a rabbit to have, unlike some kinds of lettuce.

Lettuce such as Iceberg is not considered good for rabbits, because it has a very high water content and can lead to diarrhea. It also contains lactucarium, which can be toxic in high quantities.

Cute rabbit eating romaine lettuce and hay

What Are The Risks Of Feeding A Rabbit Romaine Lettuce?

Romaine lettuce is one of the best kinds of lettuce you can give to your rabbit, but it must still be fed in moderation. It is possible to give your rabbit diarrhea, constipation, or bloating if you feed it too much Romaine lettuce.

Also, if your rabbit eats a lot of lettuce, it may not eat enough hay to keep its digestive system moving. A rabbit’s digestive system is quite delicate, and it needs hay to keep pushing food through.

If a rabbit does not eat enough fiber, its system can enter something called GI Stasis. In extreme cases, this can be fatal, so it is very important to call your vet promptly if you notice that your rabbit has stopped pooping or eating.

Feeding your rabbit Romaine lettuce in moderation is perfectly safe, but in large quantities – like any vegetable – it can be dangerous. There is not enough fiber in the leaves to keep its digestive system healthy.

Should I Give My Rabbit Romaine Lettuce Every Day?

No, it is best not to give your rabbit any food besides hay and pellets every day, no matter how much it loves it.

Like people, rabbits thrive on very varied diets. Try to rotate the fruits and vegetables that you give to your rabbit each day. This both reduces the risk of over-feeding it on something unhealthy, and increases the variety of the nutrients it will have access to.

Different foods will give your rabbit different vitamins and minerals, so make sure you keep altering the things that you put into its food bowl. As an additional advantage, doing this keeps your rabbit engaged and happy.

What If My Rabbit Won’t Eat Romaine Lettuce?

Some rabbits reject Romaine lettuce, although this is quite rare. If your rabbit does not want Romaine lettuce, you can try offering it red leaf lettuce, lamb’s lettuce, or butterhead lettuce.

As a good rule of thumb, dark lettuces are packed with more nutrition. They are more likely to have good vitamins and minerals in them, so opt for these over pale lettuces.

However, don’t worry if your rabbit isn’t a lettuce fan. You can feed it plenty of other greens. Try things like carrot tops, small amounts of kale, bits of beet, and radishes. It will enjoy the greenery from most root vegetables (not potatoes), and herbs such as parsley are also popular options.

How Should I Prepare Romaine Lettuce?

You should always wash Romaine lettuce before feeding it to your rabbit. Where possible, choose organic lettuce. You might even want to consider growing lettuce yourself so that you can avoid the use of any pesticides.

You may wish to chop large Romaine lettuce leaves up to make them easier for your rabbit to eat. Smaller leaves can be left whole. However, remember the moderation rule, and do not give your rabbit the whole heart of a Romaine lettuce to eat. Small portions are best.

Ideally, you should cut up one or two leaves from a Romaine lettuce and mix these in with other vegetables. Scale the portion down if you are feeding a small rabbit, or allow a little more for very large rabbits.

Never exceed the size of your rabbit’s head or about ten percent of its food intake per day with treats. It should mostly eat hay, with a few pellets and some mixed vegetables.

How Do I Start My Rabbit On Romaine Lettuce?

As with other foods that you introduce to your rabbit, make sure you only allow it to have a small portion to begin with. Half of a leaf is sufficient for the first helping. This ensures that any adverse reaction is not severe – if it occurs at all.

If your rabbit seems fine after a couple of days, gradually introduce small portions of Romaine lettuce into its diet every so often. Remember to keep varying this with other kinds of vegetables.

If your rabbit experiences an upset stomach or seems uncomfortable when it has been fed Romaine lettuce, do not offer it any more Romaine lettuce. Try another kind of lettuce, or simply provide other greenery for it.


Romaine lettuce is a great option for rabbits in small portions, but you should never give your rabbit a lot of it. A leaf or two, washed and cut up, should be sufficient to provide your rabbit with minerals and vitamins, and reduce the risk of any digestive complications.

Don’t feed your rabbit pale lettuces, but stick to the more nutrient-rich varieties, like Romaine.

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