Can Rabbits Eat Avocado?

Rabbits should not be given avocado to eat under any circumstances. This fruit might be popular with humans, but it is highly toxic to rabbits, and even a small quantity could make your pet very poor. Do not give your rabbit avocado, or leave it lying around in a room where the rabbit has free roam.

Although there are many treats that you can share with your rabbit, avocado is not one of them, and it is in fact very dangerous. These are a top food that should be avoided, because they contain a toxin that might kill your rabbit.

Why Can’t Rabbits Have Avocados?

Avocados contain a compound that is known as Persin, and this is toxic to rabbits (and many other pets) even in fairly small quantities. It has many vitamins and minerals that might otherwise be healthy, but because of this toxin, you should never give it to your rabbit.

This is true for all parts of the avocado plant and fruit, including the peel, the flesh, and the pit. None of these are suitable for sharing with your bunny, and they could cause serious issues.

What Happens If My Rabbit Eats A Small Quantity Of Avocado?

Your rabbit will probably not die if it eats a small amount of avocado. A little nibble is unlikely to do any damage, or at least long term damage, but you should still make sure it doesn’t get any.

If it has stolen a piece from your plate or a sandwich, make sure that you remove it from the cage immediately and get as much as you can out of your rabbit’s mouth.

Rabbits do not have the ability to vomit, so it is very important not to let your rabbit eat things that it shouldn’t.

There are two issues with avocado: there is the toxin, and it is also very fatty. Both of these can cause problems, but we will look at the fattiness first.

In small amounts, it should not cause a major issue, but fatty foods may prove difficult for the rabbit to digest, especially if it gets lots of other fat from its diet. Rabbits do not need much fat in their diets, and instead require plenty of fiber – which avocado really lacks.

That means that avocado simply isn’t a good food, regardless of the toxins. It doesn’t have the things that your rabbit needs, so you should avoid including it in your rabbit’s food dish. Of course, sometimes, a rabbit may get some by mistake

If your rabbit has eaten avocado, you should provide plenty of hay and avoid any other fatty foods.

This will help its digestive system to process the avocado better and reduce the risk of issues.

It is still important to keep an eye on your rabbit for a couple of days if it has eaten avocado. Make sure that it is pooping and eating normally, and that it seems energetic.

Lethargy, diarrhea, loss of appetite, or constipation should all prompt a swift visit to the vet, as your rabbit may be suffering from digestive problems.

What Does The Toxin Do?

If your rabbit consumes enough Persin, it is likely to suffer from respiratory issues, behavioral changes, and congestive heart failure. In some cases, Persin will kill your rabbit, so it is really important to avoid any chance of your bunny eating avocado.

If you notice your rabbit behaving oddly or breathing very fast, contact a vet immediately. Your rabbit is likely to need medical attention promptly, so don’t wait. Get help as soon as you can.

Can I Give My Rabbit Avocado Leaves?

You might be wondering whether the leaves of an avocado plant are safe for a rabbit. After all, these do not contain fat or many of the other compounds in the fruits, so they might seem safe. However, they are not.

This plant should be completely avoided, and no part of it should be given to the rabbit. If you have an avocado plant in your garden, fence it off and keep your rabbit away from it. Do not give your rabbit the skins or a discarded avocado pit.

Even a washed pit should not be used as a toy, as your rabbit may decide to nibble on it. Discard all parts of an avocado in a compost bin that your rabbit does not have access to.

What Can I Give To My Rabbit Instead?

Rabbits enjoy many different kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits, and it’s a good idea to keep varying their diets so that they get a good balance of nutrients, without too much of any one thing.

Try things like:

All of these foods should be given in moderation only, and not fed to your rabbit in large quantities. Too much of anything (besides hay) could make your rabbit very sick, even if the food is overall considered a healthy option.

It is always important to check whether a food is suitable for giving to a rabbit before you offer any to your bunny. Some surprising foods, like avocado, are not safe.

You should also introduce new foods very slowly, only giving your rabbit a small piece at first and seeing how it affects them. If your rabbit has any negative reaction to any kind of food, speak to your vet and avoid giving it that food again.

Things to watch out for include abnormal droppings, lethargy, loss of appetite, and excessively hyper behavior or agitation.

Does My Rabbit Know Not To Eat Avocado?

Although rabbits can sometimes tell when a food is unsafe for them, do not depend upon this. Some rabbits will eat almost anything that you feed to them, and you should not trust them to know that avocado is toxic. It is up to you to provide safe foods and check what rabbits can consume.


You should not give your rabbit avocado, even in small quantities, as this fruit is both fatty and contains a toxin. Don’t allow your rabbit to have any part of an avocado, even as a toy, as it could make itself sick.

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