100 Cute and Funny Male (Buck) Rabbit Name Ideas (with Meanings)!

You’ll need to think carefully before committing to a name for a male rabbit. Your pet will have the same name for up to ten years, so you’ll need to ensure that both you and your pet both like it.

Pick a rabbit name from your favorite food, film, or book. Name your pet after somebody you love or admire. You could even pick something that’s just for fun. Just avoid any offensive names.

Your rabbit will learn his name, with the appropriate training. Treat your pet’s name like a command. He needs to know that good things happen when you say his name. Treats are the fastest, and most memorable, way to achieve this objective. Your rabbit will then respond quickly when called.

We also have a list of 100 female (doe) rabbit names.

What Makes a Good Male Pet Rabbit Name?

There is nothing wrong with unusual names for boy rabbits. The more unique the name is, the better. Just remember that you’ll need to use it in front of other people, so don’t come up with a name that would cause you any embarrassment. Other rules include:

  • Ensure the name doesn’t sound like other common words
  • Avoid swearing or potentially insulting names
  • Remember that your rabbit will not be a baby forever
  • Pick a name that you can call quickly

Most Popular Male Rabbit Names

Here are the ten most popular male (buck) rabbit names. These are popular for a reason:

  • Thumper. Inspired by the Disney classic Bambi.
  • Jelly Bean. This is a cute name that befits an adorable, cuddly rabbit.
  • Snowball. This is perfect if you have a white rabbit.
  • Snoop. White rabbits with black noses will resemble Snoopy. It also suits curious, nosey rabbits.
  • Oliver. A human name can be a quick and easy way to grab your rabbit’s attention.
  • Comet. This is one of Santa’s reindeer, and an excellent male rabbit name for a science enthusiast.
  • Stuart. This human name originally meant, “guardian.” Your rabbit will guard his territory.
  • Billy. “William” means somebody with a strong will and determination.
  • Midnight. Perhaps your rabbit has jet-black fur.
  • Caramel. The perfect name for a pet with smooth, light brown fur.

Names for Male Rabbits Based on Appearance

The easiest way to name your pet is after his appearance because you’re unlikely ever to forget his name this way. Here are some of your options:

  • Ghost. A great name for a pure white rabbit
  • Bright Eyes. Compliment your pet on his striking eyes.
  • Barcode. If you have a black and white rabbit, he will resemble a supermarket barcode.
  • Blackbeard. The nickname of a legendary pirate, and a good name for a black rabbit.
  • Marbles. If your rabbit has gray fur, it will look like smooth marble.
  • Spot. Some rabbits have spots on their fur.
  • Inky. This name could suit a pure black rabbit or a white rabbit with scattered black markings.
  • Tigger. Occasionally, a rabbit will have orange fur with black markings akin to a tiger. Winnie the Pooh’s friend hops like a rabbit.
  • Chestnut. A rabbit with deep brown fur will suit this name.
  • Teddy (or Theodore.) Perhaps your rabbit reminds you of a teddy bear.
male rabbit name ideas

Boy Rabbit Names from Myths and Legends

Flicking through tales of the yesteryear is a great way to inspire pet names. Your rabbit could be named after any number of legendary figures:

  • Cupid. The Roman god of love melted hearts with his bow and arrow.
  • Thor. The Norse god of thunder had a voracious appetite, kind heart, and iron will.
  • Loki. Thor’s brother was the god of mischief.
  • Aesop. This was the name of a Greek writer who wrote many treasured fables. Fittingly, Aesop wrote, “The Tortoise and the Hare.”
  • Hercules. The demigod of Greek myth was famed for his strength and nobility. Use the spelling of Heracles if you’d like to be traditional.
  • Jupiter. As well as a planet, Jupiter was the king of the Roman gods. You could use Zeus for the Greek equivalent.
  • Horus. Ancient Egyptians worshipped Horus, and his all-seeing eye.
  • Galahad. An Arthurian legend, it’s claimed that Sir Galahad located The Holy Grail.
  • Merlin. King Arthur’s famous wizard confidante.
  • Don Quixote. A legendary adventurer from Spain.

Names for Boy Rabbits Taken from Foreign Languages

Do you have an exotic cultural heritage? Maybe you could pay tribute to your ancestry through your rabbit’s name. Many foreign-language names have powerful meanings:

  • Enzo. A French name that means, “he who runs the home.”
  • Javieria. A South American name that refers to, “one who is full of light.”
  • Oscar. In Scandinavian countries, Oscar denotes a loyal and devoted friend.
  • Aleksi. In Finland, this name means, “protector of the land.”
  • Kamaye. A Japanese name that denotes happiness and enthusiasm.
  • Shaka. A traditional African name, inspired by a powerful and respected leader.
  • Mathias. Another French name, this means, “a gift from God.”
  • Kamil. This is Polish for, “perfect.”
  • Anamcha. Gaelic for, “one of high spirits.”
  • Kristoff. This name means, “at one with Christ” in many international languages.

Male Bunny Names Based on Books and Movies

Pop culture is a rich source of inspiration for pet names. Think about your favorite films and movies and see what fits your rabbit the best:

  • Aslan. If you have a male lionhead rabbit, the heroic lion of Narnia provides a great name. You could also use Simba, from The Lion King.
  • Dumbo. A male lop-eared rabbit could take his name from Disney’s elephant. Like your pet, Dumbo had long, floppy ears.
  • Peter. Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit has been enchanting children for decades. Another option from the same stories is Benjamin Bunny.
  • Harvey. In the movie of this name, James Stewart’s best friend is an invisible 6-foot-plus rabbit.
  • Fiver. Fiver is the name of the nominal hero of Watership Down. This is arguably the most popular rabbit book and film of all time.
  • Gandalf. Inspired by the wizard from The Lord of the Rings. A good name for gray and white rabbits.
  • Skippy. Another name inspired by Disney, Skippy is a rabbit character from the animated classic Robin Hood.
  • Roger. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was a popular 80s movie. If you mate your rabbit, name his wife Jessica.
  • Velveteen. Margery Williams melted hearts with The Velveteen Rabbit in 1922. This is the story of a stuffed rabbit so beloved that he comes to life.
  • Bugs. Sometimes, the old ones really are the best.

Fun Puns Based on Famous People’s Names

Naming your rabbit after a celebrity serves two purposes. Firstly, it will make you laugh. Secondly, you can use a human name in company to avoid embarrassment. Funny suggestions include:

  • Donald Jump
  • Bunnydict Cumberbatch
  • Hophrey Bogart
  • George Clooleap
  • Rabbit Downey Junior
  • Harey Styles
  • Binky Joel
  • Bruce Springinthestep
  • LeBound James
  • David Hasselhop

Celebrities are omnipresent, so you’ll never run dry of inspiration. Just don’t let your rabbit think that he is too famous. He’ll get a big head.

Names Inspired by the Behavior of Male Rabbits

You may not even need to name your rabbit. Sometimes, a pet picks his own moniker through his behavior. Watch for any of the following:

  • Rocky. Does your rabbit stand on his hind legs and box? If so, name him after the cinema’s most famous pugilist.
  • Houdini. Some rabbits are natural escape artists.
  • Pac-Man. Many rabbits have voracious appetites. Your pet may remind you of the classic hungry video game character.
  • Columbus. Does your rabbit love to explore? Name him after the man that discovered America.
  • Energizer. If your rabbit has boundless energy, he may remind you of this vintage battery company mascot.
  • Oscar. Like the famous grouch of Sesame Street, some rabbits can be cranky.
  • Boogie. If your rabbit loves to dance and binky, give him a name that reflects this.
  • Casanova. Male rabbits make no secret of their appreciation for female counterparts.
  • Digger. Rabbits love to dig.
  • Attila the Bun. Male rabbits can be one-pet wrecking crews, especially before neutering.

Boy Rabbit Names Inspired by Food and Drink

If you’re struggling to decide on a rabbit name, why not use your favorite food or drink?

  • Guinness.  A white rabbit with black markings will remind you of this famous beer.
  • Nesquik. This homemade milkshake was branded with a rabbit mascot.
  • Whiskey. Like a fine scotch, your rabbit will mature and refine with age.
  • Carrot Top. If your rabbit has orange or ginger fur, name him after his favorite snack.
  • Cappuccino. A brown and white rabbit will look like this Starbucks favorite.
  • Caesar. As well as a Roman Emperor, Caesar is a salad – a food often associated with rabbits.
  • Snickerdoodle. There is nothing wrong with giving your male rabbit a cute name.
  • Strudel. This is a popular name that rolls off the tongue.
  • Pumpkin. Rabbits often love to eat pumpkin. It also makes an adorable name for a male rabbit.
  • Sprite. Small, nimble rabbits could take their name from this popular lemonade.

Best Names for Male Dwarf Rabbits

There are few things cuter than a dwarf rabbit. These pets are tiny, which leaves you two naming options. Do you lean into your rabbit’s size, or choose something funny and ironic?

  • Peanut. The babies of two dwarf rabbits are called Peanuts. The name is adorable for a miniature rabbit.
  • Bunnysaurus Rex. Build your rabbit’s confidence by naming him after one of the most ferocious animals in history.
  • Yoda. Like the Jedi master, your rabbit will be small in stature with large ears.
  • Tiny. The hard T sound will help your rabbit hear his name.
  • Bashful. Any one of Snow White’s seven dwarf companions offers obvious inspiration. This name is ideal for a shy rabbit.
  • Scrappy. Your rabbit may be tiny, but he’ll become a prizefighter if threatened. This may remind you of Scooby Doo’s nephew.
  • Bilbo. The works of JRR Tolkien and his tiny hobbit protagonists are beloved all over the world.
  • Toulouse. The painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec stood less than five feet tall. He still made an impact on French society.
  • Atom. Atoms were once thought to be the smallest things in the universe.
  • Gizmo. A popular name for small and cute pets. Inspiration comes from the movie Gremlins.

Iconic Male Rabbit Pair Names

Keeping two male rabbits together can be tricky. If they bond they’ll be best friends for life, though. You’ll need a suitably iconic pair of names:

  • Batman and Robin. Your rabbits will be the superheroes of your heart.
  • Bert and Ernie. These best friends did everything together. Bonded rabbits will relate.
  • Laurel and Hardy. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are legends of comedy.
  • Ben and Jerry. Who doesn’t love the ice cream of these lifelong friends?
  • Calvin and Hobbes. The comic strip escapades of Calvin and his pet tiger are the stuff of newspaper legend.
  • Romulus and Remus. These twins founded the city of Rome.
  • David and Goliath. If you have two rabbits of different sizes, this Biblical pairing is wholly apt.
  • Thunder and Lightning. Things can get stormy with two male rabbits.
  • Chocolate and Vanilla. Have a black and white rabbit pairing?
  • Lennon and McCartney. Everybody loves The Beatles. If you end up with more rabbits, you could even reunite the Fab Four.
male rabbit pair names

Will My Rabbit Respond To His Name?

It’s possible to teach your rabbit his name. He will not understand it as we do, though. Instead, your rabbit will treat his name like a command.

  • Gain your rabbit’s attention
  • While he is looking at you, use his name
  • Give your rabbit a treat. A raisin will suffice
  • Let your rabbit get back to his business

This will not be an overnight process. Your rabbit will eventually respond to his name when called, though. You just need to ensure the sound remains a source of pleasure.

There is no rush to name your rabbit. Don’t choose something inappropriate before he comes home. Hold fire and observe. Before long, the inspiration for the perfect male rabbit name will strike.

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I’ve loved rabbits for as long as I can remember, so it felt natural to share my passion for lagomorphs with a much wider audience. My objective is to help owners to keep their pet rabbits happy and healthy.

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