100 Unique Female Rabbit Names (Funny, Cute, Adorable + Clever)

Once you bring a rabbit into your life, you need to think about a name. You cannot just call her, “rabbit” forever. There are no restrictions on girl rabbit names, aside from your imagination.

You could choose a name inspired by pop culture. You could select an international name with a deep meaning, or a name with spiritual links. You could draw inspiration from nature. Alternatively, you may wish to be silly and give your rabbit a fun name.

The most important thing is that you choose a name that suits your rabbit. Once you’ve spent time with her, you’ll know if this is the case. From there, choose a distinctive and unique moniker.

We also have a list of 100 male rabbit names.

What Makes a Good Name for a Female Rabbit (Doe Rabbit)?

There is no shortage of adorable female rabbit names. When choosing a name for your lady rabbit, be unique. Few things are more satisfying than thinking up a clever pet name. Try to follow these guidelines for maximum impact:

  • Long names may need to be shortened to a nickname.
  • Don’t pick a name that rhymes with a command, i.e. “stop” or “jump.”
  • Use a name with hard sounds, like a K, an S and a Ch. Rollable Ls and Rs are also good.
  • Avoid profanity or offensive words.

Pick a name that you like, and that suits your rabbit. Funny names are fine. Just remember that you may need to use it in front of other people.

Rabbit Names for Females

Below you will find 100 possible girl bunny names, divided into sub-categories. You’re sure to find something suitable for your pet.

Most Popular Female Rabbit Names

Some names are popular for a reason. These names will not be unique, but they will always suit a rabbit. The ten most popular female rabbit names are:

  • Willow. Willow trees are strong and sturdy, and beautiful to look at.
  • Peaches. Peaches are sweet, and this is a cute name. You can extend it to Peach Pie.
  • Sprinkles. A liberal appliance of sprinkles improves any cake. This name is popular with kids.
  • Sunny. Your rabbit will be a little ray of sunshine in your life.
  • Bon Bon. Your rabbit likely has a sweet tooth, so why not name her after a popular candy?
  • Maggie. This name was taken from the Latin for pearl. Your rabbit is certainly a precious jewel.
  • Snowy. This name is perfect for white rabbits in particular.
  • Lilly. The Lilly flower symbolizes innocence and beauty.
  • Flower. Just like rabbits, flowers are nature’s way of making us smile.
  • Sugar. Sugar is sweet, and so is your rabbit.

If you choose one of these names, your rabbit is sure to like it. Thousands of rabbit owners around the world cannot be wrong.

Female Rabbit Names Based on Behavior

In the Disney cartoon Bambi, Thumper had a habit of thumping his foot. Why not take a similar approach with naming your rabbit?

  • Binky. If you have a happy rabbit, she will dance. This is known as binkying.
  • Wiggles. This suits a rabbit that wiggles her nose a lot. It could also match a rabbit that doesn’t like to be held.
  • Diva. Your rabbit is stubborn and unlikely to do anything she doesn’t want to.
  • Smoochie. If you’re lucky, you’ll have an affectionate rabbit that smothers you with kisses.
  • Snuggles. Some rabbits love to be held and hugged.
  • Nibbles. Rabbits eat their food precisely and delicately.
  • Dasher. If you have a pet that can’t sit still, name her accordingly.
  • Nudger. If your rabbit continually nudges you for attention, bring the habit into her name.
  • Jitterbug. Some rabbits are more nervous than others.
  • Bunny. Sometimes, the most straightforward names are the best. Many people opt for the no-nonsense name of Bunny for a female rabbit.

A moniker named after a behavior is easy to remember. Just don’t let your pet confuse her name with an instruction.

Cute Female Rabbit Names Inspired by Religion and Mythology

Religion is an integral part of many people’s lives. Even if you do not follow a faith, you could take a cue from mythology. These are rich sources of pet name inspiration:

  • Venus. This is the name of the Roman goddess of love. You could also use Aphrodite, the Greek counterpart of Venus.
  • Eden. Like the biblical garden, Eden is associated with delight.
  • Sherah. This is a Jewish term that means, “one of the family.”
  • Ostara. This is the name of a Pagan goddess. More importantly, it’s how the Anglo-Saxons said, “Easter,” the most rabbit-centric holiday of all.
  • Shakti. In the Hindu faith, Shakti is the force behind all divinity.
  • Freya. This name belonged to the Norse goddess of love and fertility.
  • Athena. This was the Greek goddess of wisdom.
  • Shiloh. This Hebrew name signifies peace. It’s unisex, but more common among females.
  • Neveah. This is, “heaven” spelled backwards. It’s become a popular girl’s name in recent years.
  • Romily. A Hebrew word that’s now a popular French name. It means, “God’s beloved one.”

Digging deep into faith and mythology can be a great way to name your pet. You’ll find a lady rabbit name with a meaning that perfectly fits her personality.

rabbit names for females

Girl Rabbit Names from Foreign Languages

One way to ensure that your pet has a unique name is to look overseas. Foreign languages offer a range of beautiful names with significant meaning:

  • Acacia. Greek for “honorable.”
  • Rayne. Popular in France and Scandinavia, this means “queen” or “mighty.”
  • Astrid. A Scandinavian name that means “divinely beautiful.”
  • Saoirise. Irish for “freedom.”
  • Kamaria. A traditional African name meaning “moon.”
  • Aiko. Japanese for “beloved little one.”
  • Nakita. Another Greek name, this means, “victorious.”
  • Selig. Yiddish for, “blessed” or “happy.” You could also use the Germanic variation, Zelda.
  • Maelona. Welsh for, “divine princess.”
  • Shuchun. Chinese for “fair and pure.”

Look into your family history and discover your heritage. This may inspire you to choose a name from a particular language.

Rabbit Names for a Girl Inspired by Pop Culture

Many people name their pets after favorite characters from movies or TV shows. Some examples could be:

  • Khaleesi. Game of Thrones was a popular show, and your rabbit will consider herself a queen.
  • Nala. This is the name of Simba’s wife in The Lion King. Perfect for a female Lionhead rabbit.
  • Flopsy. Flopsy is Peter Rabbit’s sister in Beatrix Potter’s beloved children’s stories. This is an excellent name for a female lop-eared rabbit.
  • Elphaba. If you love musical theater, you’re sure to have seen and enjoyed Wicked.
  • Jessica. Anybody that ever saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit will remember Jessica Rabbit.
  • Lola. Lola Bunny is a character from the cult children’s movie Space Jam, and Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend.
  • Tinkerbell. The fairy from Peter Pan provides an adorable lady rabbit name.
  • Moneypenny. If you’re a James Bond fan, pay tribute to his most trusted female associate.
  • Miffy. Miffy is the rabbit protagonist of a series of children’s books from the Netherlands.
  • Katniss. The leader from the Hunger Games character is a brave and inspirational role model.

Pop culture-inspired rabbit names are a great conversation starter. They’re also frequently adorable, with is a bonus.

Female Rabbit Names Inspired by Famous People

You no doubt have a favorite singer, actor, or athlete. You could come up with a fun, punning name based on these personalities. Here are some examples:

  • Bunoncé Knowles
  • Jumpifer Aniston/Lopez/Lawrence
  • Scarlett Johopsson
  • Kim Kardearsian
  • Fluffytailer Swift
  • Oprah Winfur
  • Anne Harethaway
  • Marilyn Bunroe
  • Julia Rabbits
  • Mileap Cyrus

These names are a fun way to apply a twist on a human name to your rabbit. You can use this human name in training. The full name can just be for your amusement.

Names for Female Rabbits Based on Appearance

One of the easiest ways to find inspiration for a rabbit name is just to look at your rabbit. Her fur color, in particular, will provide lots of ideas:

  • Oreo. If your rabbit has black and white markings, she may remind you of an Oreo cookie.
  • Ginger. Some rabbits have orange fur, similar to a tabby cat. This name also suits a binkying bunny. Claim that she’s named after Ginger Rogers.
  • Snowball. This is a timeless name for a white female rabbit.
  • Marshmellow. This is another great name for a white female rabbit. It’s especially effective for bigger, cuddly rabbits.
  • Ebony. Name a black female rabbit after this deep, dark shade or rabbits with deep brown fur.
  • Coco (or Cocoa). Rabbits with deep brown fur will remind you of chocolate.
  • Fluffy. Many people are surprised at how soft and fluffy rabbit fur is.
  • Pebbles. Pebbles is not just a character from the Flinstones. This name works for rabbits with gray or flecked, spotty fur,
  • Harley. This is a simple name for any rabbit with a harlequin-style fur pattern.
  • Whiskers. Most rabbits have distinctive whiskers. You could name your pet after this feature.

Sometimes rabbit fur changes color, so these names may end up confusing.

Female Rabbit Names Inspired by Nature

The world outside your window offers many great ideas for rabbit names. Domesticated pets may not run free, but they still love nature. Here are some of your options:

  • Bluebell.  These flowers represent everlasting love, which you’ll feel for your rabbit.
  • Clover. The clover is a sign of good luck, as is the rabbit’s foot.
  • Lavender. Lavender represents grace, femininity, and a regal nature.
  • Rosebud. Rosebuds symbolize innocence, youth, beauty, and unconditional love.
  • Blossom. These blooms represent a dominant female, in control of the men in her life.
  • Primrose. As well as being a pretty name, Primroses represent motherhood.
  • Snowflake. Every snowflake is unique and beautiful.
  • Amaryllis. The Amaryllis is representative of a strong-willed and strikingly beautiful female.
  • Violet. These beautiful flowers represent wisdom.
  • Petunia. This flower represents a welcome presence in your life because you find their presence to be soothing.

Names based on nature also have the advantage of being pretty. It’s hard to find any flower name that does not suit a female rabbit.

girl bunny names

Pair of Female Rabbit Names

If you keep a pair of rabbits, they’ll need distinctive names. Thinking of two names is twice as tricky as one. Here is some inspiration:

  • Thelma and Louise. Is there a more iconic pair of female names?
  • Bambi and Thumper. Thumper was male in the movie, but the name works for female rabbits.
  • Ebony and Ivory. You have one black rabbit and one white rabbit.
  • Salt and Pepper. Rabbits of different color markings will lend themselves to this pairing.
  • Betty and Veronica. These best friends will be instantly familiar to readers of Archie Comics.
  • Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe. If you like to keep up with the Kardashians, pick any two names from this family.
  • Fortune and Cookie. Why not break up a two-word term into two separate names?
  • Sugar and Spice. Alongside all things nice, this is what little girl rabbits are made of.
  • Venus and Serena. The Williams sisters have dominated tennis for years. Your rabbits will forge a bond that’s every bit as close as siblings.
  • Summer and Winter. You have two rabbits with disparate looks or personalities.

Remember, if you have two rabbits, their names must sound different. Rhyming names are cute, but will confuse.

Cute and Silly Girl Rabbit Names

You can enhance a traditional rabbit name by adding a prefix or a suffix. This means that you can create a nonsensical, but fun, name for your rabbit. Some examples could be:

  • Princess Sparkletoes
  • Lady Jemimah Lovestosnuggle
  • Little Miss Wigglenose
  • Madam Fluffytail
  • Dame Diana Dimples
  • Harriet Hoppington, The Duchess of Jumpsbury
  • Mary McSnuffles
  • Mistress Fifi Nibblesworth
  • Thumping Theodora Fuzzytail
  • Clara Carrotmuncher

You will need to use this name in front of other people. Ensure that you’re comfortable doing so. You may also need to use a nickname to gain your pet’s attention.

How to Teach a Rabbit Her Name

Once you finally choose a name for your rabbit, the fun can begin. Teaching your rabbit her name requires repetitive training:

  1. Play with or groom your rabbit.
  2. While she’s engaged, use her name.
  3. Offer her a small treat.
  4. Let your rabbit return to her playtime.

Repeat these steps a handful of times and your rabbit will soon respond to her name. You need to make it a source of pleasure. A rabbit only responds to humans if it’s worth her while.

Choosing a name for your rabbit should be fun. If necessary, wait a few days or weeks before committing. Your pet’s unique personality will soon shine through. When this happens, you’ll discover a good name for a girl rabbit.

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I’ve loved rabbits for as long as I can remember, so it felt natural to share my passion for lagomorphs with a much wider audience. My objective is to help owners to keep their pet rabbits happy and healthy.

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