Diet and Hydration

Rabbit eating kale

Can Rabbits Eat Kale?

It is safe for rabbits to eat kale in small quantities. Dark, leafy greens are important for rabbits, and they will provide your rabbits with lots of nutrients and vitamins. […]

Can rabbit eat grapes

Can Rabbits Eat Grapes?

Some fruits can be poisonous, and that’s why you must be sure about a fruit’s safety before feeding it to a rabbit. One question that always comes up in rabbit […]

Can rabbits eat cherries

Can Rabbits Eat Cherries?

Rabbits are adorable creatures with really delicate stomachs. You should always double check what they eat because, despite their diet consisting primarily of fruits, vegetables, and freshwater, some ingredients might […]

Wild rabbit eating grass

What Do Wild Rabbits Eat?

Wild rabbits eat a lot of different things, including wildflowers, grasses, vegetable plants, and weeds. They do not eat eggs, meat, or dairy – or any animal based products. Vegetation […]

Rabbit eating pineapple

Can Rabbits Eat Pineapple?

One thing that all rabbit owners should understand is that they tend to have sensitive stomachs, and you really need to pay attention to their diet. We’re going to dig […]