Will My Pet Rabbit Survive in the Wild?

can pet rabbits live in the wild?

Perhaps your bunny has escaped from your garden while playing, or you’re just wondering if your bunny would be happier living in the wild. Sadly, pet rabbits won’t be able to survive in the wild. … Read more

Does a Rabbit Make a Good Pet for a Child?

is a rabbit a good pet for a child?

Choosing a first pet for a child is fun and exciting. Rabbits are a popular choice, as they’re small and cute. They’re also high maintenance and skittish by nature, though. A rabbit that tolerates kids … Read more

Why Do Rabbits Carry Hay in Their Mouth?

Why do rabbits carry hay in their mouth?

While your pet goes about their business, you may notice your rabbit filling their mouths with hay. We don’t mean that they’re eating it. Bunnies do this all day, every day. We’re referring to a … Read more

Do Rabbits and Cats Get Along Together?

do cats get on with house rabbits?

Cats and rabbits are not natural housemates. Cats are instinctive predators, and rabbits are prey animals. This will automatically raise alarm bells for any prospective pet owner. That doesn’t necessarily mean that putting cats and … Read more

Are Rabbits or Guinea Pigs Better Pets?

pet rabbits vs. guinea pigs as pets

Choosing the right pet for your family can be a difficult balancing act. There is no shortage of options, and some pets seem similar. Take rabbits and guinea pigs, for example. Anybody contemplating adopting a … Read more

Do Rabbits Get Jealous?

jealousy in rabbits

If you have two pet rabbits, you may have noticed that one of them seems to be unhappy and unsettled. Whenever you handle one bunny, the other tries to get in their way to get … Read more

Why Does My Rabbit Stare at Me?

why does my bunny keep staring at me?

Gazing is a very common behavior in rabbits that has a multitude of different meanings. But most rabbits owners don’t understand what a rabbit staring at them means in terms of body language. Your rabbit … Read more

Can Rabbits Sense Human Emotions?

can rabbits understand humans?

Rabbits are among the most popular domesticated small animals in the United States. This suggests that owners of rabbits can forge an emotional bond with their pets. Like all mammals, rabbits experience of a range … Read more

Can a Rabbit’s Tail Fall Off?

do rabbits shed their tails?

A rabbit’s tail, called a scut, is the most delicate part of their anatomy. It doesn’t take much for a rabbit to lose its tail. All the same, such a situation must be taken seriously. … Read more

Are Pet Rabbit Bites Dangerous?

Are Rabbit Bites Infectious?

Though pet rabbits are cute and cuddly, they sometimes bite. Rabbits can bite people for many reasons, including stress, fear, or mistaking you for food. Though bites from rabbits can be rather painful, they don’t … Read more

What Age Do Rabbits Stop Growing?

when do rabbits stop growing?

Baby rabbits start out life as tiny, fluffy animals. However, in the first year, rabbits grow quickly. The age at which rabbits stop growing depends on a variety of different factors. Rabbits reach maturity at … Read more

Why Is My Rabbit Running in Circles?

rabbit running in circles

It can be hard to understand your bunny’s body language. One social behavior that is common in rabbits is circling. This is where a rabbit runs in circles, usually around another rabbit or your feet. … Read more

Why Do Rabbits Attack Each Other?

rabbits biting each other

When we visualize rabbits, we imagine docile animals contentedly hopping around. For the most part, this is an accurate portrayal. However, if one rabbit annoys or irritates another rabbit, a fight can break out. Rabbits … Read more