How Long Do Rabbits Live as Pets?

how long do domestic rabbits live as pets?

When adopting a pet, you should always take into account how long the animal will live. Domestic rabbits can live for many years, provided they’re properly looked after. Certain breeds of rabbit will live longer … Read more

Do Rabbits Play Dead When Attacked or Scared?

do rabbits pretend to be dead?

Rabbits are easily spooked and frightened, so everything is perceived as a threat. A rabbit will do anything it can to avoid a potentially dangerous situation, including playing dead, if necessary. A rabbit will play … Read more

Do Rabbits Blink Their Eyes?

do rabbits close their eyes?

The eyes of a rabbit seem to be open constantly. These small animals appear never to blink, but lagomorphs do open and close their eyes occasionally, just not nearly as often as humans. Rabbits rarely … Read more

Do Rabbits Have Good Night Vision?

can rabbits see in the dark?

Rabbits are unaccustomed to spending time in darkness. Wild rabbits wake early in the morning, and return underground before dark. Your pet rabbit will have similar hours to a human schedule. Rabbits are not nocturnal, … Read more

12 Noises Rabbits Make (and What They Mean)

weird noises rabbits make

There are many weird noises rabbits make. But whether they’re strange or not, learning the noises rabbits make when happy, angry, or threatened, can help you care for your pet better. Noises rabbits make when … Read more

At What Age Can a Rabbit Get Pregnant?

what age can rabbits get pregnant?

Due to the large variations between rabbit breeds, size, and weight at adulthood, there are many variations between the times at which certain breeds are sexually mature. On average, smaller breeds reach sexual maturity faster … Read more

How Good is a Rabbit’s Sense of Smell?

How Good is a Rabbit's Sense of Smell?

Rabbits rely heavily on their sense of smell. In the wild, rabbits constantly sniff the air. They do this to detect food and check if predators are nearby. Domesticated pets have the same instincts, so … Read more

Why is My Rabbit Chinning Everything?

what does it mean when a rabbit rubs its chin?

Rabbits engage in all manner of strange activities that seem to make no sense. One of the most common is rubbing their chin on objects. This is also referred to as ‘chinning.’ Rabbits have scent … Read more

How To Stop a Rabbit from Eating Her Babies

How to Stop a Rabbit from Eating Her Babies

Rabbits can sometimes eat their own young. This is most likely to happen if your pet is feeling particularly anxious, lacks dietary protein, or has become excessively territorial. Feed your rabbit a diet of Alfalfa … Read more

Why Do Rabbits Dig Holes?

Why Do Rabbits Dig Holes?

Wild rabbits are well known for digging holes in the ground. Rabbits live in sizable colonies underground for their own safety. They emerge to graze and exercise, but eventually return to their warrens. Naturally, in … Read more

Are Rabbits And Rodents Related?

difference between rabbits and rodents

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are not rodents. The Rodentia (rodent) is the largest group of mammals, with 1500 of them being rodents (out of 4000 mammals). Rabbits were originally classified as rodents, but are … Read more

How Do Rabbits Show Affection?

How do rabbits show affection?

Rabbits are not verbal, and it takes a while to understand their body language. As a result, we often wonder what goes through a rabbit’s mind, and wonder if our pet rabbit loves us or … Read more

Are Rabbits Attention Seekers?

do rabbits attention seek?

Many people are shocked by how much effort goes into raising rabbits. These small animals look like easy pets to care for. Rabbits are clean, quiet, do not need to be walked, and live in … Read more

Where Do Wild Rabbits Go in the Winter?

what happens to rabbits in the winter?

Wild rabbits typically live within a 5-acre area. Their diets primarily consist of eating grass and other ground-level plants. However, after ice and snowfalls, they cannot access these food sources. During the winter, rabbits take … Read more

Can Baby Rabbits Drink Cow Milk?

what to feed baby rabbits without a mother

Baby rabbits rely upon milk to survive, even though they feed less frequently than other small animals. If a rabbit’s mother is unavailable to feed her young, a nutritious replacement will be required. Rabbits move … Read more

Do Pet Rabbits Like to Swim?

can rabbits swim?

Swimming is not something that comes to mind when we think about a rabbit’s favorite things to do. Rabbits, whether wild or domesticated, are widely considered to be ground-dwellers. You’re likelier to find a rabbit … Read more

Do Rabbits Have Sweat Glands?

Do Rabbits Have Sweat Glands?

Scientific research on the anatomy of the rabbit is limited compared to other types of small animals. This means that misinformation about lagomorph sweat glands is commonly found online. Rabbits do have tiny scent glands … Read more

Can Rabbits Find Their Way Home?

Can Rabbits Find Their Way Home?

Losing a rabbit is one of the most worrying experiences that you’ll endure. Nobody likes the idea of their pet being lost and alone. Unfortunately, rabbits can be master escapologists. The curious nature of a … Read more

Do Rabbits Like Listening to Music?

Do Rabbits Like Listening to Music?

Several scientific studies have explored the relationship between animals and music. People often play music to keep their pets calm, and it’s been shown to be effective. This surely means that a rabbit will also … Read more

Why Do Rabbits Pull Out Their Fur?

rabbit pulling fur out of other rabbit

Pulling out their own fur, or that of another rabbit, often puzzles owners. It looks painful and can leave unsightly skin exposure. These actions suggest that your rabbit is under duress. Rabbits pull out fur … Read more

Why Do Rabbits Thump Their Feet?

Why do rabbits stomp their feet?

Rabbits can make a considerable amount of noise by stomping their feet. Thumping is most likely to occur when they’re communicating something that they consider urgent to you or other rabbits. Wild rabbits commonly stomp … Read more

Why Do Rabbits Touch Noses?

Why do rabbits touch noses?

Rabbits are communicative pets, using a range of body language cues. As well as detecting new scents, bunnies use their noses to communicate with each other. When two rabbits touch noses, it will always have … Read more

Can Rabbits Walk or Just Hop?

Can Rabbits Walk or Just Hop?

When we think of rabbits, we picture them hopping around without a care in the world. This is certainly the mark of a happy bunny. These animals like to launch themselves horizontally, covering acres of … Read more

How Do Rabbits Communicate with Each Other?

How do rabbits communicate with each other?

Rabbits are considered quiet pets, but don’t be fooled. Rabbits communicate with each other, and their owners, all the time. They don’t need to make loud noises to convey their message. There are verbal communications … Read more

How Intelligent are Domestic Pet Rabbits?

how smart are rabbits?

Rabbits are prey animals and are rarely considered to be smart, but this reputation is not entirely fair. Your pet rabbit is far more intelligent than you might think. Rabbits are clever animals. They can … Read more

Can Rabbits Jump from High Places?

Can Rabbits Jump from High Places?

Rabbits love to jump. It’s how they move, and how they explore the world. Unfortunately, this makes for some anxious moments for pet owners. As rabbits are such delicate and fragile animals, watching them leap … Read more